TroyTheLocator.com was founded by Troy Dunn and his mother Katie, for the purpose of continuing their mission of “reuniting half the world with the other half”.
In 1990, Troy helped his own mother (who was adopted as a baby) locate her own biological family. That single event caused Troy and his then-business-partner to build an organization that did one thing- help people reunite with long lost friends and family members.

That mission has expanded from locating loved ones to also include the difficult work of rebuilding fractured relationships of all kinds. In the past 25 years, Troy and his team have assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide in repairing their lives and their families. In fact, it is estimated that over 1 BILLION people have personally witnessed Troy Dunn’s amazing television reunions!

Troy has starred in TWO hit TV shows; “The Locator” on WEtv and “APB With Troy Dunn” on TNT. He is also seen frequently on the #1 daytime talk show, “Dr. Phil”, where he teams up with his long-time friend Phil McGraw to assist in rebuilding the lives of those who come seeking help. Additionally, Troy Dunn has personally appeared (many, many times) on virtually every network morning show and syndicated talk show in the U.S. plus TV guest appearances on shows on the BBC in the U.K. and Canada. His show “The Locator” continues to be played every day somewhere in the world including Canada (On the OWN channel) Germany, Ireland, France, Puerto Rico, and 12 other countries!

Troy Dunn is also the author of several best-selling books- his most recent: “Family: The GOOD F Word”

In addition to television and books, Troy is also in demand as an inspirational speaker to corporations and organizations around the world. His ability to uplift and inspire an audience has taken him to stages in Hong Kong, Fiji, Russia, as well as several other countries and of course all across the U.S. If you would like to have Troy Dunn speak to your organization, go to the Contact tab at the bottom of this page.

Troy Dunn has not charged anyone for doing a search since 2002 as he feels it is no longer his job- it is his life’s work. He has also chosen to not maintain his private investigator license for that reason. But he also knows there are many people who do not want to share their search on national TV and would prefer to quietly hire a trusted professional to conduct their search.

Therefore, Troy has connected TroyTheLocator.com with a select group of his personal favorite investigators from all over the country to do the Pro Locates for visitors to TroyTheLocator.com. These investigators have either been personally trained by Troy or have previously worked for Troy in a locating capacity. They are a third party entity and do NOT work for Troy Dunn. So if you are ready to hire someone to do your search for you, go back to the homepage and click on “Have A Pro Locate For You!”