Consumer Warning


There are many private investigators, agencies and scam artists who want you to THINK they are somehow connected to Troy Dunn. Some of them write blogs as if they are part of Troy’s team or they buy ads on search engines so when you type in “Troy Dunn” you will see their ads and messages written in a way which has fooled and tricked many into being victimized by these unscrupulous organizations. They have stolen thousands of dollars, taken people’s identities and worse.


We do NOT advertise, we do not have ANY affiliation with those who do. Any ads, messages or links professing to have a connection to Troy Dunn or his team or TV shows is simply a trap set to take advantage of you and your family.

Please report any potential con-artists to the authorities and be sure to inform us about anything suspicious as well. We will send it to our lawyers to consider for prosecution.

We are grateful for the trust the public has placed in us and we want you to know there are people hoping to take advantage of the trust you have given us. Please be careful.